Insights dated January 2006

be was a bronze sponsor at the annual Henry Stewart MOM

Monday, 22 May 2006

be the brand experience sponsors the annual Henry Stewart MOM conference held in the Radisson Hotel in London.

22 May, London: This summer marks the five year anniversary of Henry Stewart's Digital Asset Management (DAM) Symposium and sees the international event for DAM and Marketing Operations Management (MOM) return home on 20 & 21 June for its 2006 London show. The event features a wealth of case studies highlighting real world knowledge and lessons learned, and the successes and ambitions of DAM and MOM professionals who have successfully deployed and leveraged asset management to create new capabilities and revenues.

The symposium offers an intensive two-day programme tailored to the specific objectives of project leaders in all phases of DAM & MOM implementation - from basic storage, search and retrieval, to the integration of metadata into ingest-create-manage-distribute workflows.

Renowned for respecting the value of real world experience, Henry Stewart hands over to the true experts, professional practitioners of DAM and MOM, to provide essential best practices and actionable advice on how to select, deploy, maintain and leverage these technologies and strategies.

Read the full press release HERE (

be Integrates asset store ordering with JKG Group print fulfillment system for Citrix's OneBrand solution

Thursday, 18 May 2006

Citrix further integrate asset store and projects modules, linking with print mgt company stock systems.

be the brand experience have just updated Citrix System Inc's OneBrand MRM solution. This upgrade enhances the design of OneBrand to ensure that Citrix's brand management tool followed Citrix's latest website guidelines.

This update also saw OneBrand integrating with JKG Group, Citrix's print management vendors, print fulfilment system. The was a joint project in which be's technical team worked with JKGs technical team to provide a end to end asset management, workflow and print fulfilment ordering system for marketers in Citrix and their channel partners.

OneBrand added a cart shopping basket functionality that enables users to add selected orderable collateral. On checking out, the order is placed into the JKG fulfilment system.

be features in the may issue of Financial Marketing Magazine

Friday, 05 May 2006

"Implementing an MRM system can greatly improve the efficiency of a company's marketing function" says Adam Hainsworth in the May Issue of Financial Marketing Magazine.

While it's fair to say that in the past financial services companies were never pioneers in brand management, over the last decade, they have done a lot to change this.
Today, successful brand building and management is vital to ensure survival.
With non financial brands entering the market and stepping up the competition, traditional financial institutes are being forced to re-examine the strengths of their own brand strategies.
In the past, banks and financial services companies spent little time and money on marketing activities. With tight regulations, they focussed attention on their traditional markets, avoiding competing on any other levels.

For the full article, please refer to the 05-05-05 edition of Marketing Magazine, issue 144.
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