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Tuesday, 12 September 2006

January 2007: be the brand experience have enhanced the CommsBuilder module, to allow end users to easily create professional, personalised HTML communications via customised pre-loaded design templates. The user needs no HTML skills or knowledge what-so-ever.

Templates have fixed place-holders built-in, which gives marketers the freedom to insert images, text, links or imbed video. These placeholders give great flexibility in design, but always adhere to brand guidelines specified during the creation of the template. Additional features include being able to easily hyper link the reader/recipient to on-page or external destination.

The templates link to a central database (the Asset Store), where all approved images are kept. In addition, users can also be allowed to add images from their local directories.

The HTML extension builds on the current (print) CommsBuilder functionality, with its easy to use interface, and can be linked to your existing e-communication distribution engine - drastically cutting the cost of creating and re-working e-communications.

The HTML CommsBuilder is currently in beta testing and will be live in the first quarter of 2007.
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