Insights dated January 2008

be the brand experience launch MyStore, a personal and secure file sharing tool

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Distributing files is difficult and time consuming, especially with standardfile size restrictions on emails. However, it’s becoming increasingly importantto be able to access and distribute large files, both internally and remotely.In order to overcome this problem, you may find that you are unofficiallyresorting to unsecured removable media or a number of questionable websitesoffering free-upload services. Such practices don’t just expose yourorganisation to inappropriate content and spamming devices, they also createserious security risks and undermine process controls that manage access tocontent.

The solution is 'My Store'.
My Store lets you professionally store, access, and share large files with ease,whilst also enabling you to manage access parameters. Below are some of thehighlights and benefits of this


  • One-shot multiple file upload
  • Tagging

Security Control:
  • Secure file storage and distribution
  • Automatic virus scanning on upload
  • Automatic logging of file distribution history
  • Automatic logging of external file downloads
  • Control over access parameters

  • Improves large file management
  • Improves internal file distribution & sharing
  • Enables external file distribution
  • Provides greater security and control

First takers:
Prudential are the first client to take advantageof this new module. They will use it to manage the process of sending largeartwork files to printers.
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