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A ground-breaking new design service

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

StudioBe is a ground-breaking new design service based on a technology that streamlines and automates much of the non-creative side of design agency work. The technology produces a wide range of quality post-concept communications materials quickly and efficiently, providing you with a far superior return on your investment than conventional alternatives.

This technology based creative production service has been created in response to the accelerating trend of disaggregation of creative services. StudioBe saves time and money by looking specifically at post-concept tactical design and communications work, and tackling it efficiently from an automated mass-customisation perspective.

How it works:

Typically, your lead agency develops your campaign/brand concept
We create live, flexible templates according to standard brand guidelines
This enables us to produce a wide range of custom-built professional branded communications materials quickly and efficiently
Our software manages the development and approval process according to your unique business model
All costs, activities and mark up comments are tracked and recorded - increasing clarity and rendering each project fully transparent and auditable

You pay a single flat rate with no hidden extras
You avoid paying premium rates for simple day-to-day tactical design work
We support your creative team, taking the strain of the mundane off their hands and enabling them to focus their talents on more creative work-streams
You reduce communication lead-times, increase your communication turnaround and drastically improve your ability to meet and exceed your communications objectives
About be the brand experience

be the brand experience is a leading provider of Marketing Resource Management technology (MRM). be the brand experience enables clients to achieve more by developing effective, affordable custom-built technology solutions that empower users to better manage marketing workflows, brand assets and suppliers, resulting in lower costs, lower lead times and greater brand consistency and compliance. For more information, please contact
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