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Eco:metrics, The Guardian launches a world-first using Noughtilus to measure the CO2 impact of media schedules

Monday, 08 June 2009

Noughtilus was developed during 2008 to enable marketers to measure the environmental impact of marketing campaigns. The solution is configurable to enable different clients to define supply chain resources (in terms of their impact and impact variables/ drivers).

Noughtilus has been launched with The Guardian under the banner of eco:metrics; we configured a version of the solution to reflect The Guardians campaigns and resources.

Eco:metrics overview (from The

Measuring the CO2 impact of media schedules

We recently launched eco:metrics, a world-first web-based tool that enables us to measure the CO2 impact of our own media schedules. We are offering this tool to clients and agencies. It includes data on supplements, microsites, audio, video, mobile, events and promotional ads.

Adam Freeman (Commercial Director) says: "We will use this knowledge to have an open and collaborative dialogue with our advertisers, which explores more sustainable ways to do business. In short, we want to combine creativity and innovation with sustainable thinking and best practice. Our aim is also to introduce tools and metrics to which the whole media industry can contribute. We hope that this will add to the debate around sustainable and effective marketing communications."

You can view the eco:metrics article at
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