Insights dated January 2019

Coventry Building Society challenge

Friday, 01 March 2019

To help Coventry Building Society's marketing teams meet the demands of continued business growth, they identified the need to automate and streamline what was a very manual production of their Financial Promotions.

“My Campaign will have a hugely positive impact on the way we store, create, seek approval and deliver these jobs, namely customer communications and marketing campaigns. It makes us easy to use, improves transparency by keeping stakeholders better informed and helps keep us safe and secure by providing a better control environment for our communications.”

Internal Launch Comms

The ability to have all marketing collateral in one accessible portal where all stakeholders can review and participate in it's creation, as well as having access to the library of all collateral was central to the decision making. They wanted the process to reflect their strategic principles of being transparent, secure and easy to use.

Solution = MyCampaign

be the brand were selected from researched market leaders and chosen because of their proven track record in the Financial Services sector. The system (MyCampaign being the name of the Coventry Building Society system) was scoped, configured and launched (with user training) within a 3 month window.

The outcome
  • More than 2600 revisions of assets in 2018 through MyCampaign.
  • Over 240 active users, ranging from product, marketing and strategy teams to compliance, legal and their branch network.
  • The user base has almost doubled in its second year and further expansion is envisaged throughout the Coventry Building Society network.
  • Ability to see current volumes of work and gain instant MI.
  • Removing a previously manual process.

“Be the Brand have helped us to streamline our processes, meaning we can deliver work in a more efficient, joined up way. It provides an extensive audit trail, and the reporting functionality allows us to really get to grips with the work going through our team, understanding pinch points, resource requirements and spotting potential issues before they occur.”

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