Insights dated January 2022

Create Your Central Point of Truth

Monday, 03 October 2022

A new Consumer Duty requiring firms to act to deliver good outcomes for retail customers is on the horizon. This is not a great big single box to be ticked but many many boxes. The FCA wants regulated firms to really understand their customers, how they segment down and how each is best supported to achieve good client outcomes specific to each – important now more than ever given the economic landscape. The deadline of 31 July 2023 seems a way away. But this is a complex task.

Any change project broadly has 3 stages:

  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we need to be?
  • How are we going to get there?

The bethebrand system is 20 plus years of experience and development of helping firms along all three stages. It's a sophisticated, configurable, system specifically designed to create digital asset management advantage for regulated firms, especially at times of change like these.

bethebrand is a core marketing & compliance tool and can support this challenge by:

  • Managing customer letter creation/ review and approval;
  • Configuring workflows to capture market testing and analysis to evidence best practice;
  • Incorporate forms and checklists to capture & evidence decision making;
  • Use bethebrands' verification capture to record evidence of Customer Duty decisions.

In one of the case studies in this edition, Unum talks of how bethebrand is their 'central point of truth'. This is going to be an imperative requirement for all firms to create if they are to master this new Consumer Duty.

We have exciting new tech developments at bethebrand which will accelerate firms' abilities to review and update documents and assets.

We will be telling you more very soon, including how this tool may be used to support appropriate content when dealing with vulnerable customers. But for now, do please read our recent articles below with some valuable insights into how clients are getting the most from bethebrand.

Creating a 'Central Point of Truth'

Unum UK is a leading employee benefits provider that offers expert health and wellbeing support and financial protection through the workplace. With hundreds of assets that need to be governed and managed, Unum were looking for their bethebrand system to be a 'central point of truth' in terms of asset management and to also enable opportunities to collaborate and be agile. READ MORE

Post Office Joins bethebrand

It is a pleasure to announce that the Post Office's new bethebrand system is live. United to the same cause - 'Helping you get life's important things done' - the new system is set to offer a host of operational advantages across the organisation. READ MORE

Maximising Team and Agency Collaboration

In a busy marketing department, many programmes are worked on at the same time. When you add to that a variety of external agencies, printers and other suppliers, a spider's web of briefing, development and approval emerges. Long-standing client, Discovery, has developed a comprehensive and highly sophisticated system, an important element of which is is how teams collaborate creatively with each other and the external agencies. READ MORE

Get in Touch, Keep in Touch

If we can be of help right now, or you can see a requirement on the horizon, please do not hesitate in contacting me directly. We would be delighted to look at your objectives and recommend a system solution to suits your exact requirements.

Kind regards

Adam Hainsworth
Chief Executive

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