Insights dated January 2023

Cloudy, with a Chance of Sunnier Days Ahead

Thursday, 22 June 2023

The weather over the last few months has been a bit like the economy - not great, but not as bad as it could have been!

We ended last year with predictions of recession, which thankfully have not yet come to pass. As we progress into perhaps more clement conditions, in every sense, there is plenty to do.

Efficiency is all important in ensuring marketing maximises its return. Although the clouds of Consumer Duty looked gloomy, our recent survey shows that firms are climbing above them. To help with all of this, and more, we have made system the theme of this newsletter.

Below you will find useful information on getting the most from bethebrand with regard to Consumer Duty, improving marketing 'traffic control', mastering asset expiration and an insight into Close Brothers Asset Management's speedy new bethebrand system onboarding.

Lean on bethebrand for Consumer Duty

The new rules for Consumer Duty come into force soon (31 July). Our recent research shows that many firms are progressing well in meeting the deadline. However, if you are needing a little extra help, have a look at our Consumer Duty hints and tips on how a bethebrand system can support you.

Assets Post Sign-Off - Minimising 'Cross Town Traffic'

If great marketing starts with inspiration, then it is perspiration that makes it come to life. The right tools, the 'crosstown traffic' of emails, meetings and conversations, can cause congestion and create errors and omissions risks. In our continuing series delving into how you can configure and utilise the bethebrand system, we take a look at how you can spend less time on traffic control and more time on value creation.

Managing Asset Expiration

Without a system driving a process to keep on top of expiration dates then keeping on top of them is simply a matterof human will. In financial services, not managing expiration dates represents a significant risk. In this article we explore how a bethebrand system is the gamechanger.

On Board - Close Brothers Asset Management

Brought online from 'green light' to 'go live' all within Q4 2022, Close Brothers Asset Management's (CBAM) new bethebrand system, named (Marketing And Brand Literature Ecosystem) delivers a timely step change in digital asset management at a time of change for the company's marketing.

With a rebrand already underway and important industry developments in process, such as the FCA's new Consumer Duty legislation, the bethebrand team was able to step in and take on the workflow mapping project for CBAM. This greatly accelerated the deployment timescale.


How Can We Help You This Year?

If we can be of help right now, or you can see a requirement on the horizon, please do not hesitate in contacting me directly.

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Adam Hainsworth
Chief Executive

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