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Embrace DAM Configuration, rather than Damned Configuration!

Tuesday, 23 August 2022

In our continuing series examining the breadth, depth, and possibilities of how you can configure and utilise the bethebrand system, this time we are taking a look at configuring your digital asset management (DAM) system. There are a number of developmental routes available to building a DAM. But if you want to get it right straight away, it is much better to go straight for a provider that embraces configuration from the first conversation.

Operational Challenges

The development of a DAM system can go a number of ways.

Firstly, you can vehemently stick to trying to make spreadsheets and shared folders work for cost reasons. That is, until the cracks start to appear. Unfortunately, these cracks are called errors and omissions and are best avoided at all costs.

Secondly, IT could try and accommodate the needs of all internal stakeholders with a an "off the shelf" project management or database tool. This could work. However, every compliance and marketing department has a unique way of doing things. An "off the shelf" system with a multitude of business applications will require detailed configuration. At this point an organisation can enter a rabbit hole of unknown length and with multiple side tunnels, in trying to meet the complexities of the user requirements and matching them to the configuration options that are available within the chosen system. This invariably leads to compromises having to be made in terms of what the system can deliver. It also leads to cost escalation.

Thirdly, one can simply go to a specialist. And that's where bethebrand comes in.

bethebrand System Solution

We have devoted the last 20 years to building DAM systems and configuring them precisely to every client’s needs. That means that we can hit the ground running and quickly elevate above the basics of the processes into the finesse elements that will make everyone’s working day run much more smoothly. This minimises risk, creates cost clarity and, most importantly, gets the job done right first time. If you can think of it, we’ve most likely seen it and can offer a solution.

Client Outcomes

Unum UK is a leading employee benefits provider that offers expert health and wellbeing support and financial protection through the workplace. Unum UK is proud of its heritage, caring spirit and commitment to always putting people at the heart of what they do. 1.6 million employees and their loved ones are protected by one of Unum UK's policies and supported by their health and wellbeing services. 9,000+businesses trust Unum to look after their people, ranging from FTSE 100 companies to start-ups and everything in between.

Senior Manager, Marketing Operations, Stuart Flint, said: "I am system guardian of UMAS (Unum Marketing Approval System), our bethebrand system. We have been working with the bethebrand team for over 5 years. We wanted to have a system that was the central point of truth for a wide range of documents from marcomms to technical guides and policy documentation. We have hundreds of assets that need to be governed and managed. The system has not only delivered what we need in terms of asset management, but also enables opportunities to collaborate and be agile. We spoke to a number of suppliers but bethebrand stood out because of their experience working with like-minded providers with similar challenges, the intuitiveness of their system, and their flexibility. We can make architectural changes where needed enabling us to have a bespoke system that reflect our requirements, whereas other systems we saw were more regimented. Bethebrand have an open mind and a willingness to make things happen collaboratively."

Stuart added: "A great example of this was bethebrand's addition of a financial promotion checklist to our UMAS platform. Through careful user permission hierarchies, assets that are not classed as financial promotions can be certified by authorised non-compliance staff. We are always confident that bethebrand are just a phone call away from creating great solutions that fit our ways of working and work closely with the team on a regular basis.”

Would You Like to Know More?

If you would like to unlock the potential of having your own configured bethebrand system, contact Chief Executive Adam Hainsworth at

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