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Brand Impact of DAM

Monday, 26 April 2021

“I sang 'Nessun Dorma' twice with Pavarotti, and he told me he'd heard 'Smoke' about five or six times, and every time was different. He was so jealous because if he deviated one jot from the traditional interpretation of the famous arias, he'd be crucified. We have the freedom.”

Ian Gillan - Deep Purple

Some of us at be the brand are old enough to remember when artwork was created and transported in paper form in the last century. It’s hard enough to say ‘the last century’ let alone remember the protracted and time consuming process of marketing communications in an analogue world.

In those days where office receptions saw an endless stream of bike helmets and leather the concept of control was a far off dream. Marketing was far more ‘rock and roll’ in the context of Ian Gillan’s quote above. But the management of a brand needs to be a far more of a classical piece.

We work for many different companies in many sectors. But services businesses are a centre of excellence at be the brand. Brand management in the context of a services business is complicated.

A brand is the heart beat of a services business. It is built and defined by the product of a thousand gestures. Every human interaction either feeds or starves the brand of its desired positioning. So the management of a services brand can be anarchy if systems and controls do not lie at its heart. Because the brand is in the hands of many many people.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) has a crucial role to play in the management of a services brand. The brand identity is the emblem of the brand’s promise. Every marketing communication is the articulation of the brand’s promise, underpinned by systems and behaviours that deliver a customer experience aligned to the brand.

So if a good DAM were music it would be classical. Because a good DAM negates the risk of human interpretation in both the emblem and communication of the brand’s promise. You maintain control of what happens.

The heart of our approach is simple; to deliver DAM systems that revolutionise our clients’ marketing workflow management, ensuring full internal stakeholder involvement and delivering detailed archiving to underpin marketing and business continuity.

There is an important place for rock and roll in marketing, defined by the creative process.

But delivery needs to be DAM driven, to a classical score.

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