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Autumn 2020 code release

Saturday, 01 August 2020

  • Enhanced search capability - predictive search words, As soon as you start to type in the Asset Store Search Box, the system shows you the 6 most popular recently searched keywords that contain the text you have typed.
  • Reports email instructions - Clients can now manage the preface of any report as part of subscription email content text. Ability to give clear instruction to the end user.
  • Mark-up tool enhanced - To make it easier for reviewers in multi-asset workflows, we have added a new “Review Next Asset” button within the Mark Up Tool.

Spring 2019 code release

Sunday, 01 March 2020

New Functionality added:
  • User out of office functionality - Alerts users you are not currently available for tasks in workflows.
  • Enhanced search capability - We have added the ability in the Asset Store to search for text from within a flat file.

Autumn 2019 code release

Sunday, 01 September 2019

New Functionality added:
  • Auto create workflows - Functionality has been added to enable configuration so that certain “trigger events” in asset metadata now automatically generate a workflow. Saving clients time and effort.
  • Branch Comms toolkit - We have reworked the asset distribution functionality so that emails can be created and sent to external addresses, with attached assets, from the Asset Store.
  • This has been developed in partnership with a major Building Society who wanted to empower staff across their 70+ branches to send only the latest compliant literature to customers.

1st Legacy Client Live on V2

Monday, 22 September 2014

The first client to move onto V2 was one of our first clients ever ! After seeing the new release, the marketing team was keen to upgrade to V2. The ease of use, streamlined workflows and full configurability convinced them to make it a goal to be the first client on board. A key customer for nearly 10 years, they were more than confident in our ability to continue to deliver a state-of-the-art marketing solution to support their marketing operations. Chalk up another win for bethebrand.

V2 is Launched !!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

The much awaited Version 2 of bethebrand has been launched. Managing marketing just got a lot less complex as a complete re-write of the application goes live. We have combined our 10+ years of experience in automating marketing workflows and digital asset management with the latest web development technologies to bring the best solution to market. Initial feedback from those who have peeked under the hood has been stellar.

New Asset Store released

Friday, 25 May 2012

The new version of the asset store, core to our Digital Asset Management proposition has been launched.

Feedback has been amazing from both industry insiders and clients who have seen it in action.  We will be rolling this out across our client base during 2012 but if you want a sneak preview get in touch.

Version 1 of Print Manager module released

Monday, 16 March 2009

Available to both PhinPro and Brand Asset Management users we released our Print Management module this month. The modules manages the print request, briefing, quotation request, response and ordering process. This expands the scope of both solutions to incorporate the print procurement and stock ordering.

Launch of PhinPro, our Financial Promotion lifecycle management solution for Financial Services

Monday, 12 January 2009

PhinPro (Phinancial Promotion) is an off-the-shelf, configurable version of our Marketing Resource Management solution customised specifically for Financial Services. Operating in a highly regulated environment demands standardised, compliant and efficient process; Directors need to confidence that the Financial Promotion lifecycle is being effectively managed to minimise risk exposure.

We have embedded our extensive experience in delivering marketing resource management solutions to the FS sector in PhinPro. PhinPro provides a rapidly deployable solution delivered on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis.

Contact Adam Hainsworth (Link to contacts page) to find out more.
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