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CommsBuilder – How not to explode your marketing budget through the costs of communications executions.

Monday, 28 February 2022

In our continuing series examining the breadth, depth, and possibilities of how you can configure and utilise the bethebrand system, this time we are taking a look at the CommsBuilder functionality and how it creates time savings and cost benefits for marketing departments needing to work their budgets ever harder.

Operational Challenges

Having a really good creative agency is absolutely key in ensuring that you can punch through and stand out in ever more cluttered and confusing market spaces. But great agencies are reassuringly expensive, because you are bringing premier league talent to bear on your marketing challenges and opportunities.

But there can be a substantial ongoing cost to using agency teams to execute every single outing for the creative. After all, they are time cost businesses, but the cost in relation to the specific application can be out of proportion and consume as much budget as the initial creative development.

But what if your own marketing team could undertake specific execution tasks themselves? Even if they are not trained designers?

bethebrand's CommsBuilder functionality delivers just that. In fact, you could reduce the cost and time spent localising your campaigns by up to 85%, whilst maintaining your brand consistency across all markets.

bethebrand System Solution

CommsBuilder brings marketing asset execution and delivery into the hands of the whole marketing team.

By working with your creative teams in conjunction with CommsBuilder, you can create templates that preserve the sacred cows of brand, creative and compliance. But you can empower your team to specify and personalise with the help of easy-to-use design and layout tools within the CommsBuilder module.

Artwork set up as templates delivers complete control over the whole lifecycle of the asset:

  • Generate packs for specific customers or prospects. In fact, create up to 100 packs at a time if you have all the personalising information in an Excel sheet!
  • Deploy pre-approved content swiftly by locking down key components.
  • Implement ads and posters through changing size and other mechanical requirements directly from your desktop.
  • Change standard requirements, such as legal information, across the whole asset suite without having the fiddle and faff of changing each one individually (with the associated errors and omissions risk of repetitive tasks).
Client Outcomes

Circle Health Group is an award-winning healthcare provider operating Britain's largest network of independent hospitals. Circle's aim is to be the most innovative, patient-focused healthcare organisation and, by equipping its people with leading-edge technology, deliver the highest quality care. It supports patients whether they fund their own-treatment or are supported by private healthcare insurance, and the group also works in partnership with the NHS. Circle Health Group acquired BMI Healthcare in January 2020. The group operates independent hospitals, runs integrated care programmes and rehabilitation services, and has an overseas division which operates in Shanghai, China.

Design Manager, Natalie Bainbridge, said: “We started working with bethebrand in 2016 with a specific objective of helping us with the management of our busy and fast-growing studio. At that time, we were operating an analogue 'ticket system' on Excel as our workflow management approach. I had known bethebrand from a previous employer and we invited them to tender. They stood out from the other participants because of the CommsBuilder module. Combined with Template Builder and the Asset Store, we could see that we had all the ingredients for a seamless, end to end, solution. Onboarding was equally seamless, and our new system 'Kaleidoscope' was swiftly operational.”

Natalie added: “With 50 plus hospitals across England, Wales and Scotland, we need to ensure that our regional marketing teams are fully supported for all their local and workplace marketing requirements. By creating a portfolio of 26 templates covering every marketing asset that could be needed for local adaptation, we are able to empower our marketing teams to create exactly what they need for themselves. Confident in the knowledge that every asset created will be on brand and consistent, our central design team can then focus on developing new core creative.”

Natalie concluded: “In early 2022 we launched our new brand identity. Our bethebrand system was pivotal in making this project as smooth as it turned out to be. But what made an amazing impact was the support we received from the bethebrand design team. They created an amazingly adaptable new suite of template assets for local marketing deployment. We were quite demanding, as we needed to be quite iterative as we went along in incorporating all of the requirements. But throughout it all they were nimble and insightful, with a real eye for detail. They always made us feel loved.”

Would You Like to Know More?

If you would like to unlock the potential of CommsBuilder for your organisation, contact Chief Executive Adam Hainsworth at

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