The bethebrand System

Every company or organisation is different. Each component can be customised and configured to meet each and every customer requirement.

bethebrand will configure the style of your system using your corporate colours and logo, so it looks and feels on-brand. You can choose different 'skins' for different business groups and entities if required - ensuring you still get the benefits of working under one umbrella in one application, while maintaining multiple brand identities.

CONSTRUCT different workflows to map to how you want to work. The application does not micro-manage people (that has been tried and failed) but provides list of tasks, priorities and status both at an individual and team level.

CREATE your unique data requirements. Our user-defined meta data fields mean you determine what information to capture for each of the assets, campaign briefing forms, project requests, data & creative briefs.

CONTROL users & permissions. Users and user groups are set up with different permissions which system administrators can manage. Auto-registration and defined user roles can be created to minimise user management. Different levels of system segmentation can be applied to lock down what users can see / do and report on.

COACH your team. After training, you will be able to manage your system yourself. We encourage the 'train the trainer' approach and will provide as little or as much support as you require.

Diagram showing the workflow capabilities of the bethebrand system

Set up standard processes to review items, create new items, or fast-track items with minor amendments. Assign bespoke stakeholder groups including marketing teams, compliance, legal and product specialists for each stage of your project. Items can be reviewed by multiple stakeholders simultaneously or in parallel, with each stakeholder receiving email alerts and flags on their dashboard as reminders of required action.

Track item's ownership, approvers, version numbers, next review and expiry dates. Personalised RAG (Red / Amber / Green) report on item owners' dashboard will notify them when an item needs updating (read more in Asset lifecycle management). Expired items are automatically locked down and can't be downloaded, shared or printed. Items no longer required can be archived and / or retained in the system.

Screenshot demonstrating the compliance reveiw features of the bethebrand system

Traditionally you would gather all stakeholder comments from individual files, pdfs, emails and paper documents, identify agreed changes and disagreements, mark-up a new version and send for further review (or through to your agency/internally to make the changes).

This is time consuming and embeds the need for additional review cycles. Mark-Up Doc reviews are categorised, prioritised by the reviewer and their comments highlighting the relevant section of text.

As the comments are made online, subsequent reviewers can add to other reviewer comments while adding their own. The document owner can review all comments from a single document, viewing it side-by-side with the new version, and highlight to the design team/agency what changes to make.

Screenshot demonstrating the markup functionality within bethebrand

As in PDF mark-up Video Mark-Up Doc reviews are categorised, prioritised by the reviewer and their comments highlighting the relevant section of the video. As the comments are made online, subsequent reviewers can add to other reviewer comments while adding their own - in the video playback timeline mark-up comments are shown as a red line through the player.

The video workflow owner can play through the video and each comment will show for a few seconds when they are reached or they can jump directly to and from comment to comment.

They can also download a pdf with a page screengrab of the video showing where in the video the comment is made and the content of the comment - the pdf will create a new page for every section where comments are made. The video can be played back without the comments showing too.

Screenshot demonstrating the video markup capabilities of bethebrand

How much time is spent searching for the correct logo, image or brochure? How many emails have been sent with different versions attached?

With bethebrand's Asset Store, you can centralise, stay on-brand, distribute and re-purpose, increasing the ROI on your marketing assets. Store brand guidelines, logos, brochures, videos, images, high-resolution files, communications templates and more.

Centralise your key assets in our online Asset Store, with permissions-based access rights, super-powerful search engine and usage tracking. Approve literature, translate and push out to your website, partners and resellers through standard APIs. Forward dates allow for pro-active planning to time product releases with precision.

Screenshot of the asset store capabilities, including search and filtering

Immediately stop the chaos of managing your marketing assets' review dates and version numbers on spreadsheets, monitoring paper job bags or email-based reviews. Stop the countless emails, meetings and searching for the latest versions of your documents. Once key data is entered for your marketing assets, updating, reviewing, withdrawing and / or archiving becomes a seamless, scheduled process with full version histories and audit trails available for those that need them.

Screenshot showing the asset lifecycle UI

Request, create and approve your campaigns quicker, with less resources. Allow multiple teams and external agencies to work together, following standardised processes, via one collaborative online workspace. Initiate creative projects allocate resources and users to tasks, manage deadlines, approvals and signoffs and track status with a clear audit trail.

Screenshot demonstrating the workflow UI, as a task moves from task to task.

The system configuration can be set-up so that certain “trigger events” automatically generate a workflow.

Some possible use scenarios are:

  • If a print asset is archived, a “stock destruction” workflow is auto-generated to ensure that printed stock of that asset is destroyed.
  • If a web asset is updated (eg new version is checked into Asset Store), an “update CRM system” workflow is autogenerated to ensure that websites using that asset are updated accordingly.
  • If an asset that is both “Product = A or B and also “Audience = X or Y” and the expiry date gets to Z days, a workflow is auto-generated to start the asset update.
In all instances, the workflow auto-adds the Asset Owner as the deliverable owner and (if appropriate – eg 3rd scenario above) and auto-checks out the asset into the workflow.

Screenshot of the rules engine within bethebrand, which allows scheduled tasks and customisable behaviours

Whether you are looking at print quotations, DM assembly, website updates, minor amend requests or lead creative, the quality of the outcome is maximised (and the level of frustration minimised) if requirements and instructions are clearly communicated.

bethebrand can be used to standardise the briefing process by using dynamic forms to capture the right brief and automating brief review and acceptance. For supplier briefing the subsequent quote submission and approval process is also managed.

The data is entered only once; bethebrand carries that data to all required forms and reporting databases.

Briefing, proofing, producing and distributing printed items takes time, effort and money. But people make mistakes, errors happen, deadlines are missed, stock is shipped to the wrong address - all taking up even more time and resource.

bethebrand makes it straightforward and easy for you and your print suppliers to use. Request and approve print quotes from pre-approved suppliers, supply artwork and manage the distribution and assembly of your print. Receive automated reminders and dashboard notifications at every stage of your print process.

Use the built-in suite of reports to access crucial management information instantly. From asset usage reports to projects and users overview, gain valuable insight into your operations and resource utilisation. All data is stored and backed-up - necessary to prove your compliance in a regulatory environment.

  • Maximise the value of your assets by understanding how they are used and promote re-usage.
  • From top-level visibility of all campaigns to details about each project, asset and approval status - all information is at your fingertips.
  • Ensure business continuity and quickly re-assign work or assets when your staff are on holidays or leave the company.
  • Get immediate overview of all your print jobs, find out how much each department / business unit spent on print over a period of time and with which suppliers.
  • View the status of all communications immediately.

Outstanding creative is a key ingredient in delivering marketing advantage. But there can be a substantial ongoing cost to asking agency teams to execute every single outing for that creative.

CommsBuilder brings marketing asset execution and delivery into the hands of your team. With CommsBuilder they are empowered to create specific artwork executions with the help of its easy-to-use design and layout tools. What’s more, this is achieved safe in the knowledge that brand, creative and compliance rules and controls are preserved.

  • Generate packs for specific customers or prospects. In fact, create up to 100 packs at a time if you have all the personalising information in an Excel sheet!
  • Generate and manage social media posts.
  • Online management of printed collateral including the submission to printers.
  • Manage multilingual communications.
  • Deploy pre-approved content swiftly by locking down key components.
  • Implement ads and posters through changing size and other mechanical requirements directly from your desktop.
  • Change standard requirements, such as legal information, across the whole asset suite without having to change each one individually (with the associated errors and omissions risk of repetitive tasks).
  • Use the dashboard to allocate tasks to team members (or permit self-selection) and manage re-prioritising and sharing work.
  • Reassign tasks.
  • Change priority of tasks.
  • Manage availability and out of office.
  • Share tasks across the team.
  • View team member workloads and outstanding tasks.

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