“We can now manage assets ourselves and keep our own guidelines up to date, with no time lag and no additional external expenditure”
Brand Management - Katie Wright, Wesleyan
Brand management
If you’re a brand lead, ensure consistent on-brand content creation and avoid brand dilution
Access always up-to-date brand guidelines
Access approved brand assets only
Get content approved by brand teams
Manage who can access brand assets
Relax in the knowledge that your approved brand assets and guidelines are your ‘single source of truth’
Approved staff can make real-time updates to brand guidelines
Subscribed team members receive notifications of changes to brand assets
Automate withdrawal and archiving of obsolete assets
Import and easily categorise assets in bulk
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02 May 2023
Assets Post Sign Off – Minimising 'cross town traffic'
In our continuing series examining the possibilities of how you can configure and utilise the bethebrand system, this time we are looking at how bethebrand can help you utilise assets most effectively in terms of time and marketing resources. In other words, how you can spend less time on traffic control and more time on value creation
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