“We use the system to initiate workflows to review, approve and sign off all communications and creative elements.”
Marketing Workflow Management - Sylvia Torannini, Discovery
Digital Asset Management
Automate management of your marketing asset lifecycle
Permanently retain a history to sail through audits
A single “source of truth”
Whether you’re a marketing lead or a compliance lead, your goal is the same: Ensure your people are always using current and compliant marketing assets.
Immediately find the right content, on brand, approved, and compliant, every time.
Central asset store
User permissions
Manage what a user can do with assets
Restrict asset access
Manage what assets a user can see
API to allow connection
Connect your asset store to other/third party applications
Usage rights management
Set specific asset rights, eg copyright restrictions
Reduce Costs
Creative briefing and approval
On-demand content generation
Image reformatting and repurposing
Alerts, notifications, and reporting
Reduce Errors
Briefing and approval
Automated reclassification of expired assets
Simultaneous distribution to multiple channels
Creative Automation
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