Financial Promotions
For marketing and compliance leads, bethebrand’s Financial Promotions solution brings together all our products to provide functionality designed specifically for regulated UK financial services firms.
It is the solution of choice for many leading names in our sector because it is built for experts, by experts, to manage the lifecycle of financial promotions.
Financial Promotions are complex and critical to marketing financial services
Approving or publishing a non-compliant or out-of-date Financial Promotion has serious implications for you and your company
Having a robust process for creating and approving Financial Promotions reduces risk and lets you stay ahead of the competition
With be the brand you can
Automate the management of financial promotions
Optimise the creation and approval process to maximise speed to market
Ensure visibility across the full content lifecycle
Reduce cost of managing Financial Promotions
Reduce errors and increase first time approvals
Reduce risk in managing Financial Promotions
Demonstrate your full control of the process to senior management and auditors
bethebrand's Financial Promotions solution is your ‘one stop shop’ for...
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