“we are able to empower our marketing teams to create exactly what they need for themselves. Confident in the knowledge that every asset created will be on brand and consistent”
Natalie Bainbridge, Circle Health
Great creative agencies are reassuringly expensive, but ongoing costs are substantial if you use them for every version of a piece of collateral
With bethebrand’s CommsBuilder, team members without design expertise can customise assets, for example, with branch locations or dates of events.
Faster localised collateral with reduced review and approval time
Users can only change certain components of the collateral, and new content will on brand
You will come to rely on CommsBuilder for any number of creative automation tasks
Use as a branch or franchise marketing toolkit for localising artwork
Generate packs of collateral specific to certain customers or prospects. Create multiple packs at a time if you have a spreadsheet of personalisation information!
Repurpose collateral by easily changing the format for different channels
Change standard requirements, such as legal information, across an entire asset suite at once - eliminate the risk of errors and omissions associated with manual changes
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23 Aug 2022
Embrace DAM Configuration, rather than Damned Configuration!
In our continuing series examining the breadth, depth, and possibilities of how you can configure and utilise the bethebrand system, this time we are taking a look at configuring your digital asset management (DAM) system. There are a number of developmental routes available to building a DAM. But if you want to get it right straight away, it is much better to go straight for a provider that embraces configuration from the first conversation.
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