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What happens when I exceed submissions in a month?

You can either move up to the next usage limit or wait until the end of the month for the counter to reset.

How do I change subscription plan?

Within the app you can change subscription plans and/or usage limits at any time and start a new subscription period. A financial adjustment will be applied in respect of any unused portion of the legacy subscription.

What happens at the end of the month?

The current plan will auto renew and the usage counters reset to zero.

How do I cancel my subscription plan?

Within the app you can cancel at any time; such cancellation will take effect at the end of that month.

How do I access the success team?

Success can be accessed via email during UK working days between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. We offer a response time of 2 hours for queries; resolution time depends upon the nature of the query.

Can I get help configuring the rules?

Yes, we offer a virtual rule setting workshop and additional services can be requested via our success team.

How do I get a file reviewed?

Login to and upload the file. The file will be returned with insights soon after.

How do I configure rules?

It’s easy for administrators to add and amend rules; it all takes place on a single page for each rule with the options clearly laid out.

How do I make sure product specific rules are only applied to the pertinent files?

Create a tag for the product types and add the product names. From the rule configuration page, select the tags that rule applies to.

What can SeeDynamic integrate with?

The SeeDynamic API can be used by any third-party application to upload files to SeeDynamic and receive files containing insights. Care is needed to align file metadata to SeeDynamic tags (i.e. for product type).

I already have a DAM / approval system & I don’t want another download / upload faff.

Speak to your solution provider to use the API so you can upload directly from the DAM / approval system.

What happens to files / data I upload into SeeDynamic?

Uploaded files and associated insights will be retained for a month and then deleted.

Where is SeeDynamic hosted?

SeeDynamic is hosted by Amazon Web Services.

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