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If you’re a marketing lead, you can be confident that your team’s central store of brand guidelines and assets is your ‘single source of truth’.

The value of your brand cannot be overestimated
Increasing number of digital channels makes it harder to create, maintain, and control your approved brand assets
Out-of-date or off-brand assets can damage your reputation
With be the brand you can
Protect your brand by managing the creation, approval, storage, distribution and archiving of brand assets
Manage creative workflow, agency briefing and brand approval
Ensure your team use the latest brand rules & guidelines
Assign user-specific access to the correct brand assets
Reduce brand dilution
Ensure on-demand access to brand assets
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22 Nov 2021
On Board – Quilter plc
Going live in 2021 with its new bethebrand system MPAH (Marketing Production and Approval Hub), Quilter is implementing its system to deliver pan organisational support across its businesses.
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