Governance Mastery

Every marketing team has to navigate the legal framework pertinent to their industry.

Every marketing discipline / function has an array of internal and external stakeholders as oversight.

These vary according to sector and industry. However, some such as Financial Services, Government agencies and Healthcare, are harder to navigate due to the complexity of the governance and regulatory frameworks involved.

bethebrand is a noted centre of excellence for organisations and companies operating in sophisticated governance and compliance environments.

The bethebrand team understands this intimately and has designed the system to be completely configurable to the particular complexities of your communications.

Minimise your Risk of Regulatory Breach

Getting your Financial Promotions signed off can be time consuming. Keeping track of all the change requests and comments scribbled on paper or in countless emails can be tedious. Projects get delayed, budgets over-run, campaigns are late to market, losing your company thousands of pounds.

bethebrand helps standardise your workflow and centralise the process of creating Financial Promotions. Stay on top of literature expiry dates, review all promotions as required, prevent obsolete items from being used and ensure all your communications meet the relevant regulatory requirements.

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Managing your Literature Expiration

Use Asset Store to track item ownership, approvers, version numbers, next review and expiry dates.

Personalised RAG (Red / Amber / Green) report on item owners’ dashboard will notify them when an item needs updating (read more in Asset lifecycle management). Expired items are automatically locked down and can’t be downloaded, shared or printed. Items no longer required can be archived and / or retained in the system.

Standardise Workflow

Set up standard processes to review items, create new items, or fast-track items with minor amendments.

Assign bespoke stakeholder groups including marketing teams, compliance, legal and product specialists for each stage of your project. Items can be reviewed by multiple stakeholders simultaneously or in parallel, with each stakeholder receiving email alerts and flags on their dashboard as reminders of required action.

More About Collaborative Review and Approval
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Stay on Track

Deadlines can be assigned for each review according to your internal Service Level Agreements (SLA); tracking their adherence is easy.

Project managers can monitor all changes and rejections and resolve any disputes as they occur.

Final Sign Off and Approval

Built-in checks ensure that only items approved by stakeholders can be submitted for final sign off to compliance or other key stakeholders.

Upload all supporting documents to bethebrand and confirm that you followed the correct procedures. Items approved by final reviewers are saved into the centralised Asset Store, where they can be downloaded, distributed or shared. Any rejected items are amended and re-submitted for the final sign off.

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Prove your Compliance

Demonstrate control over your Financial Promotions processes and back it up with full evidence.

Provide your auditors with a full audit trail of all items and changes, as all stakeholder comments and reviews are tracked and retained for over seven years. Accessing expired assets is easy, as they remain in the software after their expiration as archived assets, accessible only by users with appropriate permissions.

Learn from Previous Mistakes

With our built-in comprehensive reporting, you can quickly discover the most common reasons for rejections of files and identify stakeholders or departments that delay review cycles.

By spotting and addressing any recurrent issues, you quickly identify bottlenecks to ensure your next promotion is produced quicker, with fewer errors and less re-work and cost.

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