Insight - Assets Post Sign Off – Minimising 'cross town traffic'

02 May 2023

In our continuing series examining the possibilities of how you can configure and utilise the bethebrand system, this time we are looking at how bethebrand can help you utilise assets most effectively in terms of time and marketing resources. In other words, how you can spend less time on traffic control and more time on value creation.

Operational Challenges

If great marketing starts with inspiration, then it is perspiration that makes it come to life. Solid project management is a core skill in a busy marketing department. Without the right tools, the 'crosstown traffic' of emails, meetings and conversations can cause congestion and create errors and omissions risks.

If marketers can become more operationally efficient with the help of the right tools, they can spend more time looking forward than having to look down. The ratio of time spent on admin against value creation can then permanently swing in the right direction.

bethebrand System Solution

Once an asset is signed off and ready to be set to work, the bethebrand system will also get to work:

  • Print Quote - Request and obtain a quote from your printer, at any time, without the need to check an asset out. This workflow could be configured for other quote requirements e.g. design, photography, etc.
  • Send to Print - Brief the printer, and manage your print order, directly from a workflow.
  • Channel Distribution - Post check in, send an asset to one or more teams or channels for them to fulfil their responsibility e.g. upload the asset to the website, update social content, etc.
  • Auto Generated Workflows - Ensure archived assets are removed from websites, have a workflow automatically created when an asset expires, or generate a post check in workflow to distribute the latest asset e.g. to salesforce, etc.
  • Data Request Workflows - Obtain analysis / data for mailings or whatever information you require from another team in a non-asset workflow.
  • Layout of Forms - Work in a way that suits your needs, with a variety of ways to configure data layout.

Let's look at channel distribution in a little more detail, as an example.

Post check in, it's possible for an owner to send a deliverable to different channels, at the same time, for them to take the appropriate action e.g. upload to the website, etc. Here's a sample workflow to show you what we mean:

workflow diagram

The job owner will select which channels the deliverable should be sent to, ensuring users are assigned to each channel before the deliverable is sent. The channel roles are entirely configurable to a particular business.

The channel will then confirm that the appropriate action has been taken, with evidence if applicable, to ensure the audit trail is complete.

This system enhanced approach delivers speed without complication, an audit trail of end-to-end asset management activities and acts as an important compliance risk management tool.

Would You Like to Know More?

If you would like to unlock the potential of brand management for your organisation contact Chief Executive Adam Hainsworth at

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