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MediaWeek Uses Noughtilus To Calculate The carbon Impact Of Typical marketing campains

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

In their recent special 'Green Supplement', Media Week highlighted how the media sector has arguably been "slower than other industries to adopt environmentally friendly policies into everyday practice", also noting how it has never been under more pressure to do so:

"Reducing carbon footprints is simple housekeeping for businesses in areas such as retail and finance. These firms are turning attention to their supply chain. If an agency hasn’t been asked about this already, it certainly will be this year."

Solitaire Townsend, CEO of sustainable communications agency Futerra

In light of this, journalist Patrick Dye used Noughtilus to illustrate the carbon footprint of a typical TV ad Vs a Standard Press Campaign. The analysis highlighted some of the most carbon intensive activities involved in each campaign, which ranged the sheer volume of paper consumed to a series of long haul flights for filming overseas.

The report voices growing concern amongst brands, media owners, agencies and clients about the environmental impact of marketing activities, and further emphasises the need to measure and manage the environmental impact of marketing campaigns.

Good news for Noughtilus, which is uniquely positioned to help them do just that.

The MediaWeek Green Supplement is available online at the following address,

Or to find out more about Noughtilus, please visit, or email
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