Insight - Managing Asset Expiration

04 May 2023

Operational Challenges

Perhaps the first and most common issue bethebrand sees in supporting clients obtain the right digital asset management solution for their financial services business is expiration dates.

Without a financial services specific Digital Asset Management Solution driving a process to keep on top of expiration dates, keeping on top of them is simply a matter of human will. In financial services, not managing expiration dates represents a significant risk as out of date compliance assets may continue to be used.

bethebrand Solution

With bethebrand, the Solution configuration can be set-up so that asset expiry is managed:

  • Track an asset's ownership, approvers, version numbers, next review, live and expiry dates. There is a date field in the asset metadata that defines the use by/expiry/next review date. There is an Asset Lifecycle widget on the user's dashboard and there are reports available for specific assets or all assets;
  • Set a RAG for each asset and programme the number of days that an Asset changes colour from Green to Amber or Red as it approaches expiration, bethebrand can add additional fields to the asset metadata which would enable different dates of review for different document types;
  • Reports of expired/red assets can be emailed to SMT weekly so they can demonstrate oversight of the financial promotion management;
  • Assets approaching expiry can be checked out into a workflows to create a new version;
  • If a new version is not required then expiry date extension request can be made and an audit trail of the decision recorded;
  • Emails can automatically be sent for action to be taken, such as to encourage removal of out of compliance content from use;
  • Single use assets can be automatically archived;
  • Workflows can be generated automatically to manage what happens next (remove from web, destroy stock etc);
  • Integrated systems utilising the asset will learn of its status change via the API;
  • Where assets are accessed via links, the out of compliance asset will no longer be available to download;
  • Image rights can be actively managed;
  • Expired items are automatically locked down and can't be downloaded, shared or printed. Items no longer required can be archived and / or retained in the Solution.

Would You Like to Know More?

If you would like to master marketing asset expiration for your organisation contact Chief Executive Adam Hainsworth at

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