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Being Our Brand…With A New Site and a New Look

Friday, 06 November 2020

2020 has been, and is, a busy year for us.

All of our clients have been through enormous changes in their day to day working and we have been right beside them in making that rapid move to remote working go smoothly.

At the same time, we have been completing our own change project to ensure that our marketing and messaging reflects the business we are today and provides a solid platform for our continuing growth.

We are extremely proud to say that we are the brand and marketing workflow, archive and compliance system of choice for many UK and international brands. We have been at the forefront of the development of Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems that streamline the storage, creation, approval and delivery of marketing campaigns and key assets since 2005.

bethebrand today is the preferred system for over 20,000 marketing professionals, driving in excess of 250,000 workflows and a noted centre of excellence for organisation and companies operating in sophisticated governance and compliance environments, such as Financial Services, Government and Healthcare.

We enable marketers to work even more creatively and effectively together by helping bring teams and their marketing services suppliers even closer together to create and deliver campaigns with outstanding customer outcomes.

We take the time to understand the particular complexities of our clients’ communications environments so they can ensure their communications meet the relevant regulatory requirements by setting up standard processes to review items, create new items, or fast-track items with minor amendments.

bethebrand is proud to be Stage 2 FSQS accredited (the advanced stage of benchmark certification process used by major UK banks and financial institutions when selecting suppliers and monitoring internal governance and control) and be a HM Govt G-Cloud Supplier (a series of framework agreements with suppliers from which public sector organisations can buy services without needing to run a full tender or competition procurement process).

Our new website offers visitors a sophisticated insight into our system’s capabilities in a fun and engaging way. It also offers us the opportunity to provide ongoing updates on system development, deliver handy tutorials on getting the most from the system and news on how the company is growing and developing.

Business is changing at a rapid pace as we all adapt to our new marketing worlds. You can rest assured that bethebrand will always be learning, developing and delivering at pace to ensure that we are firmly at our clients’ side as they explore the opportunities that lie ahead to further their competitive advantage.

Rebranding Made Easier - Another Client Win

Saturday, 15 February 2014

The parent of a long-standing client has chosen the Asset Store from be the brand experience to centralise logos, brand guidelines and other marketing materials. Self-registering all users on an as-needed basis,new functionality and ease of integration with other subsidiaries made the decision relatively simple. Full customisation of Asset Data, the powerful search engine and the ability to house virtually any type of file were key decision points as well.

Forbes 2000 financial services firm launches bethebrand

Friday, 14 June 2013

A leading savings and investments company has launched our brand asset management solution. First on board is the internal communications team who use creative templates to reduce art work costs while centralising brand collateral in an asset store and image library.

Internationally acclaimed health care provider goes live with bethebrand

Monday, 15 April 2013

Following a successful pilot project, a leading health care provider has fully deployed be the brand's marketing resource solution in the UK to bring their marketing supply chain together in one on-line collaborative work space. Marketing communications and financial promotions are streamlined with the creation, review, approval and archiving of brand and marketing assets.

Sovereign Housing go live with Cre-art

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sovereign Housing have implemented the Cre-art solution to help them maintain current levels of communications being generated but with a reduced resource capacity.

Communications experts are able to retain brand and tone of voice control. User created communications go through an approval loop before the solution releases unwatermarked communication items. The solution is being used to create posters, leaflets, information packs,newsletter etc.

Essex Council run Cre-art pilot

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Essex Council are piloting Cre-art to create low cost, on brand communications for public facing events- with over 40 users involved in the pilot.

be features in the may issue of Financial Marketing Magazine

Friday, 05 May 2006

"Implementing an MRM system can greatly improve the efficiency of a company's marketing function" says Adam Hainsworth in the May Issue of Financial Marketing Magazine.

While it's fair to say that in the past financial services companies were never pioneers in brand management, over the last decade, they have done a lot to change this.
Today, successful brand building and management is vital to ensure survival.
With non financial brands entering the market and stepping up the competition, traditional financial institutes are being forced to re-examine the strengths of their own brand strategies.
In the past, banks and financial services companies spent little time and money on marketing activities. With tight regulations, they focussed attention on their traditional markets, avoiding competing on any other levels.

For the full article, please refer to the 05-05-05 edition of Marketing Magazine, issue 144.
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