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Keeping People and Business Connected and Coordinated Despite Covid

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

The past few months have been interesting times for us all. As a SaaS business we consider ourselves very fortunate to have sailed so smoothly through what are choppy waters for so many. We set out from the ‘get go’ to be there at every step for our clients, who have had the immense challenges of instant remote working to master.

Rapid Transitions

We have heard more than a few times from clients how bethebrand has played a key role in their transition to remote working. Also, many companies that we had been talking to prior to lockdown quickly accelerated their implementation schedule and we have also been adding new departments within existing clients’ systems on a very frequent basis.

Removed from an office environment it can become rapidly clear how much marketing might have been kept moving by personal interaction. But when you can no longer wander up to someone’s desk and ask for a favour to undertake an urgent signoff, everything must be driven by an utterly robust process. bethebrand allowed our clients to have that box ticked so they could get moving quickly onto the job at hand.

One Place of Truth

bethebrand offers clients ‘one place of truth’, namely the Asset Store. In there is every live document with the current correct version - forever essential during an audit, but absolutely vital in a pandemic.

By utilising the system’s comprehensive search functions, clients were able to quickly identify all the changes required. That has been no small task, with as many as 70% of documents needing some form of change.

That cannot all happen at once and needs project management. The system stepped up here as well, enabling teams to work together, traffic jobs with efficiency and keep everyone informed as to what was going on in a very live environment.

Eradicating the Watercooler

Without the proverbial ‘watercooler meeting’, managers needed a new and solid way to know what was going on. Over time we have built up an extensive collection of over 50 standard reports within bethebrand. We have seen a sharp uptick in the usage of these reports as managers help their teams perform the best they possibly can in the circumstances.

Those circumstances we just mentioned have been extensive and intrusive for many. Families in one place, home working and home schooling simultaneously, is very hard. By empowering flexible working, bethebrand has allowed team members to hand over the baton without the ‘straight jacket’ of 9 to 5.

Business As (Un)Usual

Though this is all far from over, we have all recently been able to enjoy glimpses of our normal lives. But there is no doubt that we have all been thoroughly ‘stress tested’ and we are bracing ourselves for more.

What ‘business as (un)usual’ has achieved for bethebrand is deliver probably the most extensive stress test anyone could have devised for it.

We are delighted to say it has come up trumps.

June Covid response

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

We have lifted the change freeze and are operating as normal. New client wins to be announced soon along with system releases and infrastructure improvements.
We are witnessing system usage levels returning to normal (although for some clients they remained unchanged) and are looking forward to getting the British Business Bank live.

April 2020 Covid response

Saturday, 18 April 2020

It looks like the call that we move to working from home was the correct one. We are all settled into our revised working routines. Most of our clients are also transitioning to new ways of working.
We are implementing a change freeze for a period to minimise the risk of additional disruption. We will continue with essential updates and focus our development time on some of the projects/ investigations we have been wanting to get stuck into for a while.

Initial Covid response

Sunday, 15 March 2020

In anticipation of a lock down be the brand experience has decided to move all staff to a home working model this week. Around 40% of us already work from home and we have planned for such an event in our business continuity planning.
We do not anticipate any disruption to services.
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