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Introducing MRM to Adetem, French National Marketing Association

Monday, 05 March 2007

09 March 2007, Paris La Défense: Adetem is the French National Marketing Association consisting of 670 companies and over 1300 members.

Adetem has 3 main objectives:

- to organise and promote exchange between marketing professionnals
- to provide information about markets, business environments, events and marketing news
- to communicate marketing best practices to all members

The presentation will develop understanding of how technology can be used by marketers to manage the challenges of maintaining brand equity in a multi-channel environment. Some of the issues discussed will be brand dilution, need of increasing speed to market/ internal process efficiency and lack of visibility on activities and costs.

Presentation will be for the 'Communications et Marketing' club (Adetem has 11 professionnal active clubs).

Details and subscription (text in french) HERE (
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