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Scottish Life integrates Print Management module into ComStore

Friday, 01 January 2010

Scottish Life has recently added full Print Management functionality into ComStore (the name for their customised PhinPro system developed by be the brand experience).

As of November 2009 all print quotes and orders are now managed through ComStore. Users can submit print quote requests to the Scottish Life’s print management company, who provide the quote back through ComStore for approval and audit ability of the end to end process. Print specifications for each item type have been predefined and are automatically pulled into the quote request to ensure consistency of print outputs.

Integrated reports provide a quick overview of total print cost in any given period including information on order originators, chosen printer and cost centres.

Liz Thompson, Scottish Life’s Marketing Compliance Officer comments: "The functionality is straightforward and easy to use and has enabled us to successfully standardise and streamline our print order process."

Version 1 of Print Manager module released

Monday, 16 March 2009

Available to both PhinPro and Brand Asset Management users we released our Print Management module this month. The modules manages the print request, briefing, quotation request, response and ordering process. This expands the scope of both solutions to incorporate the print procurement and stock ordering.

be Integrates asset store ordering with JKG Group print fulfillment system for Citrix's OneBrand solution

Thursday, 18 May 2006

Citrix further integrate asset store and projects modules, linking with print mgt company stock systems.

be the brand experience have just updated Citrix System Inc's OneBrand MRM solution. This upgrade enhances the design of OneBrand to ensure that Citrix's brand management tool followed Citrix's latest website guidelines.

This update also saw OneBrand integrating with JKG Group, Citrix's print management vendors, print fulfilment system. The was a joint project in which be's technical team worked with JKGs technical team to provide a end to end asset management, workflow and print fulfilment ordering system for marketers in Citrix and their channel partners.

OneBrand added a cart shopping basket functionality that enables users to add selected orderable collateral. On checking out, the order is placed into the JKG fulfilment system.
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