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20 Jun 2022

It is a pleasure to announce that the Post Office's new bethebrand system is live

United to the same cause - 'Helping you get life's important things done' - the new system is set to offer a host of operational advantages across the organisation.

An anchor of UK communities for centuries, Post Office is a commercial business driven by a strong social purpose: to be there, in person, for the people who rely on it. Thanks to its extensive network of over 11,500 branches, the Post Office brings essential services within reach of communities and businesses alike - whether that's posting parcels to loved ones, depositing cash at the end of the working day or topping up the gas meter. 99.7% of the population lives within 3 miles of a post office and 93% live within 1 mile.

The Post Office's extensive range of services, including a range of financial services such as banking and personal insurance, means that governance, compliance and sophisticated project management lie at the core of its marketing operations.

With its current digital asset management system contract due for review, a comprehensive tender process was initiated which saw bethebrand chosen as the new provider.

The brief encompassed four key areas:

  • Compliance - The transitioning of the compliance functionality to the new bethebrand system was the core priority prior to launch.
  • Brand and Imagery Management - Enhancing the ability to dynamically manage the organisation's brand guidelines and accompanying image assets is delivered by the brand guidelines module. This ensures the marketing team can update the guidelines themselves and negate the need, for example, to have to send round a new PDF every time there is a change. Everything is in one place, delivering efficiency and underpinning brand continuity.
  • Workflows - The Post Office is a highly sophisticated business. Working closely with the bethebrand team, workflow processes are being developed within the system channel by channel, delivering close and efficient working practices both internally and with external suppliers.
  • File Management - Last and by no means least, comprehensive file management will enhance collaboration and communication across this large and intricate organisation.

The onboarding showcased the extensive configuration capabilities of the system. With hands on project leadership from bethebrand CEO, Adam, the Post Office had every query, question and quandary overcome with timely solutions to deliver a new system that opens up a host of opportunities through 2022 and beyond.

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